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Books available at Wollongong City Library

Libraries are a great resource as buying books can become an expensive exercise. With the books below, I mostly only refer to the sections on dog training, as this is my area of expertise. It would be worth checking with your vet on the sections on dog health.

This data is up to date as of March 2011, however I find libraries usually retain books for some years.

You can find out all about the library on their web site.


Essential Dog - Caroline Davis (Library reference 636.70887 DAV)

This is a mostly great, easy-to-read book. There are a couple of areas within the dog training section that I'd approach differently:

Sit - this is easier using a lure technique than trying to apply pressure to your dog's backside

Recall - I wouldn't ask for a sit first. You are rewarding them coming back to you, not sitting.

Stay - walking around your dog is very challenging for them to stay in one position. Start with just moving your body slightly while using the stay signal, and gradually build up to being able to take 1 step, then 2, and so on. Walking around your dog will be some way down the line!


What Dog? - Amanda O'Neill (Library reference 636.71 ONE)

A great little book outlining most dog breeds. If you're considering buying a puppy or adopting a dog, this is a simple but succinct book to help you choose the breed that's right for you.


Puppy Training & Care - Tracy Libby (Library reference 636.7083 LIB)

A delightful and easy to read book, with Chapters 6 and 7 on training your puppy clear and up to date.


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